Start-to-finish legal records management software

Bring every component of your legal practice into one workspace

Drive efficiency and save time with every corporate engagement

Increase the quality of legal services provided to each of your clients

Accuracy & compliance


Project & time management

Value billing

Software integrations

Appara provides a full records management software suite

Transform your team’s workflow by collaborating easily across your entire organization


Complex re-organizations

Shareholder agreements

Annual record maintenance

Transparency register

Electronic minute books

And much more

How can Appara help you?

I need a

Transparency register solution

I want to

To connect my team all in one place

I want

Customizable documents & workflows

I need

Something that is easy to use

I want

Something that analyzes my transaction

I need

Something that auto-drafts customizable documents

I want

A better annual records maintenance solution

I want

Something that has automated execution & closing features

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Appara™ brings all of the components of your legal practice into one workspace with its transformative records management software platform.

It’s simple and replaces multiple redundant legal applications, while also increasing the accuracy of the important work that you and your team do for your clients.