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For lawyers, paralegals, and legal professionals.

Lay down the law with your paperwork.

Real Estate

For lawyers, paralegals, notaries, and conveyancers.

Reduce anxiety. Eliminate mistakes. Simplify conveyancing.


For estate lawyers, paralegals, and notaries.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way to save time.

Tax Planning

For accountants, estate lawyers, and tax lawyers.

Turn tax season into relax season.

What is Appara?

appara | ah-pehr-ah

An app designed to empower professionals to achieve flexibility and freedom in their businesses.

Appara’s products save time, cut costs, reduce errors, increase customer satisfaction, and boost revenues. We achieve this through our unique combination of records management, workflow automation, and document automation tools.

Appara Records Management

Records Management

Access your records anytime, anywhere with secure cloud-based storage.
Appara Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Tackles entire transactions, from drafting to closing.
Appara Document Automation

Document Automation

AI generated documents with customizable precedents.

Why Appara?

Appara Cloud-Based Platform

One cloud-based
platform for every area
of your practice.

Corporate law. Real estate. Wills & estate planning. Tax planning.

One platform for everything your firm does. Appara’s unified records system is your single source of truth so your information stays up to date. Plus, Appara is entirely cloud-based. Access your work from anywhere and share documents with remote colleagues and clients.

Appara Generate Documents

Generate unique,
customizable documents
in minutes - not hours.

Your precedents. Powered by Appara.

Generate documents and workflows according to your precedents and practice. Plus, create entire packages at once including indexes, engagement letters, planning letters, and more.

Need something special? We can add it. Contact our team & we’ll custom-craft the documents you need.

Spend less time checking for errors & more time on the work you love.

The human brain is built for solving puzzles, not paperwork.

You got into your field to solve complex problems. Appara handles the tedious tasks, so you can invest more of yourself into what you love – helping clients.

Appara’s AI engine highlights errors and omissions for you, so you can correct them before paperwork goes out the door.

Plus, Appara’s virtual minute books update themselves — no downloading and uploading required! Leverage Appara’s integrations to eSign, email, & eFile – leave the “print, sign, scan” dance behind.

Appara - Complex Transactions

Tackle any transaction,
no matter how complicated.

Handle multi-step, multi-entity reorganizations almost as easily as passing a resolution.

AI assistance means no more headaches. Whether you’re doing some quick annual maintenance or you’re managing a complex series of changes, Appara’s transaction editor can handle it with ease.

Appara - Security

Bulletproof protection for
your most sensitive data.

Keep your data safe with our market leading ISO compliant platform.

Appara has undergone an independent third-party audit by an accredited certification body for compliance with ISO security standards. We also undergo third-party reviews every year to remain ISO-accredited.

Powered by artificial intelligence. Built to maximize human intelligence.

“I love paperwork,” said no one ever.

You got into your field to solve complex problems with your knowledge and creativity.

But you’ve probably noticed that a lot of your time and energy is going to checking (and re-checking) documents and updating records.

The world is getting more complex (which is good for you), but you’re getting lost in a sea of never ending work. 

Maze Illustration
Puzzle Illustration

You deserve to do the work you love.

The human brain isn’t built for repetitive paperwork and endless admin. It’s built for solving puzzles.

It’s also limited in its capacity to perform work, which means every minute you spend on paperwork is a minute you can’t spend on the matter-specific work you enjoy.

Appara’s AI tackles paperwork with ease. With our AI-powered solutions, you can accomplish your mission-critical tasks in up to 75% less time.

What people are saying

Heather Omelus


Paralegal & Corporate
Department Head

“With Appara, we can accomplish tasks in about 1/4 of the time it would normally take. I’d score Appara 10 out of 10.”

Joshua Cheiftez




“In the last 15 months, we’ve incorporated 49 businesses. All minute books are stored digitally, saving us storage costs and delivering a better experience and better value to our clients.”

Ravi Patel



Associate Lawyer

“I use Appara for ease and simplicity. Once you start to use Appara, you will be able to complete many complicated transactions quickly and effectively.”

Save time & energy with our industry leading integrations

Leverage Integrations with Microsoft 365, QuickBooks, DocuSign, AdobeSign, and more to maximize your team’s productivity.

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By submitting this form, you are agreeing to Appara’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
You are also agreeing to receive information and offers relevant to Appara’s solutions, and can opt-out at any time.