Sermina Rizvic Joins Appara as Head of Sales

Appara welcomes Sermina Rizvic as Head of Sales, leveraging her unique legal and tech expertise to drive innovative solutions and growth.

Appara, Canada’s leading entity management, workflow automation, and document automation platform, is excited to announce that Sermina Rizvic has joined the company as Head of Sales.

Based in Burlington, Ontario, Sermina has a unique set of experience in the legal industry – both as a certified law clerk and as a senior business development executive. This experience gives Sermina insights into how legal professionals and service providers operate, providing a key bridge between the two parties.   

Sermina’s interest in legal technology began early in her career as a paralegal and law clerk. In her roles, Sermina had hands-on experience managing relationships with legaltech vendors and using various software solutions.

Sermina’s special interest in documentation and automation began when she took on a role as Documentation Manager with Wells Fargo Capital Finance. In that role, she managed the daily activities of a legal documentation team, overseeing filings, letters, closing processes, and customer onboarding. Sermina’s firsthand experience with the documentation process combined with her extensive sales experience makes her a valuable asset for Appara and their customers.

“Over the past 6 years I transitioned from being the law clerk/ paralegal manager using the software, to the sales leader selling legal technology solutions,” Sermina explains. “The transition to a sales leadership role in legal technology allows me to leverage my legal expertise to help other legal professionals adopt and integrate innovative legaltech solutions. I’m thrilled to join Appara, a company at the forefront of legal technology innovation, where the commitment to customer input is paramount.”

“Sermina has a unique set of legal industry experience, having worked as both a law clerk and as a legal technology sales expert,” says Kurt McFee, Chief Operating Officer of Appara. “She has well-established relationships in the industry and has a proven track record of leading teams. We couldn’t be more excited to have her join Appara as we embark on our next phase of growth fuelled by our industry-leading multi-practice platform.”

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About Appara
Appara: The all-in-one ecosystem for modern legal professionals.

As practicing lawyers, our founders were frustrated with the outdated, inflexible, and siloed technology available, and they were tired of repeating work in multiple places.

What our founders needed was a platform with built-in AI that could auto-generate documents and help us streamline our processes. But the solution we wanted didn’t exist. So we built it, and we called it Appara.

Appara is a document automation, workflow automation, and entity management Platform for legal professionals. Appara’s suite of Solutions enables legal professionals in the corporate, estate planning, and real estate sectors to save time, reduce errors, cut costs, and increase productivity.

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