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U.S. Corporate Legal Entity Management (Free)
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Appara Corporate Maintenance

Because life's too short for paperwork.

Streamline Client Consultations

Create transaction-ready corporate records in minutes, not hours.

Appara users save hours on complex transactions with our intuitive workflows and powerful document automation.

Database Management

Track compliance and CTA requirements in one place.

Appara is built with regulatory compliance in mind, giving you everything you need to ensure you and your clients can meet the requirements of the Corporate Transparency Act. Easier compliance means reduced risk of penalties and more peace of mind.

Minute Books

Go from paper to digital with virtual minute books.

Instantly access charter documents, minute books, registers, and more. Appara’s digital records always stay up-to-date, giving you the most current and accurate data for your legal entities.

Automate your document creation.

Appara leverages your entity data to automate document creation – enabling you to create standard legal documents quickly and accurately.

Document Automation

Powered by artificial intelligence.

Appara’s smart document uploader can easily create legal records from your PDF or spreadsheet files, while simultaneously annotating uploaded documents with suggestions and new clauses as needed.

Bulletproof protection for your most sensitive documents.

Because spreadsheets aren’t secure.
Comprehensive Security

Spreadsheets lack the advanced security measures of a dedicated cloud-based solution; this means if you’re using spreadsheets for your corporate records, you’ve left yourself open to security breaches and unauthorized access.

Appara protects your sensitive data with ISO-compliant security measures and best-in-class partnerships. Learn more about our security measures here.


Reduce Errors

Reduces errors by automatically flagging incomplete records, enabling paralegals to focus on higher-value work
Manage Records

Scale Your Practice

Scales with your practice by supporting multiple entities and entity types, accommodating paralegals who work with complex corporate structures or a large number of clients
Share Records

Easy Collaboration

Makes collaboration easy with our secure sharing feature, enabling attorneys and paralegals to instantly share minute books with clients
Complete Transactions

Comprehensive Reporting

Supports comprehensive reporting, enabling paralegals to create detailed reports on corporate structures, ownership, compliance status, and more

U.S. Legal Entity Management Solution

For attorneys, paralegals, and legal professionals.

Legal Entity Management

Secure cloud-based storage for all of your corporate records.


  • Cloud-based Client Records
  • Virtual Minute Books
  • Sharing Centre
  • Director and Officer Registers
  • Corporate Summary Document
  • Shareholder Summary Document

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Ravi Patel

“Once you start to use Appara, you will be able to complete many complicated transactions quickly and effectively. Combining it with e-signatures means I get documents turned around quicker. Previously, I had to create documents, save it as a PDF then send it to a client who will either sign or mail it back and then I had to place this in the binder etc. Now, it is all done within minutes.”

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Goodbye spreadsheets. Hello legal entity management.

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