Our Vision

One document automation
platform for everyone.

Our Story

built by lawyers, for legal professionals

As practicing lawyers, our founders were frustrated with the state of legal professionals’ technology and records management software. Indeed software was dated, inflexible, and siloed. Legal technology applications were limiting our ability to succeed.

Our team consistently ran into two challenges. First, we were repeating work in multiple places. Second, we were missing AI tools that could draft signature-ready documents for our complex legal practices. Recognizing these challenges, and the opportunity they presented to the legal community, we set out to solve these pain points and built Appara.

We are a team of lawyers, engineers, and management consulting professionals who have the relevant experience in systems design, workflow management, records management software, and complex deal structures to solve these challenges. With decades of experience in using technology to drive efficiencies in business our team focused on building and delivering the best technology product to market. We are on a mission to bring efficiency to legal transactions and ultimately impacting legal professionals in Canada for the better.

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Dan Palmer - Appara Founder and CEO

Dan Palmer

Appara Founder
Tax Lawyer & Computer Scientist
Doug Mordy - Appara Co-Founder

Doug Mordy

Appara Co-Founder and CFO
Tax CPA & Lawyer
Brad Kram - Appara Co-Founder and CTO

Brad Kram

Appara Co-Founder and CTO
Computer Scientist
Kurt McFee - Appara COO

Kurt McFee

Appara COO
Ex-McKinsey Manager