Our Mission:

To be an intuitive, trustworthy, all-in-one ecosystem for modern legal professionals.

Our Vision:

To transform the legal industry.

Our Story

Appara: Transforming the Legal Industry
with an All-in-One Ecosystem.

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Appara was born from a simple truth: legal technology was failing modern legal professionals.

As practicing lawyers, our founders were frustrated with the outdated, inflexible, and siloed technology available. They faced two key challenges: first, repeating work in multiple places; second, the absence of a platform that could utilize shared data across practice areas to produce client-friendly, signature-ready documents.

Legal tech was limiting their ability to succeed, so they set out to build Appara. Working with legal experts, tech innovators, and consultants, we created an all-in-one Platform covering multiple law practice areas to deliver unparalleled value.

The Appara Platform is designed to save time, eliminate mundane tasks, and provide the freedom for legal professionals to focus on what matters – be it firm growth or spending more time with family. Thus, the Appara ecosystem – composed of people, the Platform, Solutions, Tools, and Integrations – came to be.

Today, Appara stands as a testament to the power of technology and community in transforming an industry. We move forward with a clear commitment: to create an ecosystem that meets the needs of today’s modern legal professionals – and shapes the legal industry of tomorrow.

Dan Palmer - Appara Founder and CEO

Dan Palmer


Tax Lawyer &
Computer Scientist

Doug Mordy - Appara Co-Founder

Doug Mordy

Co-Founder & CFO

Tax CPA & Lawyer

Brad Kram - Appara Co-Founder and CTO

Brad Kram

Co-Founder & CTO

Computer Scientist

Kurt McFee - Appara COO

Kurt McFee


Ex-McKinsey Manager

Our Values


Distinct organizations exhibit extreme ownership. As extreme owners we ask ourselves “what can I do?”. We are relentless in our commitment to quality solutions and our customers. We focus on our mission, not excuses, making sure the goal is always in sight.


Urgency is our heartbeat, propelling us to exceed expectations and drive impact. We embrace speed, open communication, and decisiveness in our actions. We value efficient solutions and rapid responses to challenges. Today’s work isn’t for tomorrow.

Grit & Humility

We are dedicated to building a diverse community where employees can feel a sense of belonging and are valued for their contributions and the perspectives they bring. Our purpose is to champion the power of human connection and the heart of connection is inclusion. You belong here.

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