Estate Planning

Draft and manage fully customizable will and estate documents with AI.

Customize your precedents for easy drafting.

Customizable fields and forms mean less time editing documents.

Sick of products that force you to use their precedents? Forget about scouring pages upon pages of output documents with a red pen.

With Appara, you can set your custom precedents ahead of time, so your documents are automatically generated with your preferred fields and language. Plus, you can even create other documents like engagement letters in just a few clicks.

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Save time with Appara’s built-in document editor.

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Editing made easy: Create, edit, and send docouments in one ecosystem.

Forget about “version control” or importing and exporting documents. Appara’s in-app document editor means you can make changes directly within the Appara environment – and with robust collaboration and sharing features, you can share documents with colleagues, add comments, and track changes…even if your team’s all over the world.

Reclaim your time with rapid document automation.

Draft estate documents in minutes, not hours.

No more headaches. No more triple-checking for mistakes. Appara’s advanced legal AI drafts all your documents (e.g., engagement letters, precedents, etc…) for you. Plus, automatically update the document packages as new or different information is received!

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Worry-free database management.

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Ditch the platform fatigue
with one central database.

Say goodbye to multiple platforms. With Appara’s structured, cloud-based database, you can perform will & estate transactions, real estate work, and corporate governance all within the same platform.

Spend more time with clients and less time with documents.

Appara tackles the tedium for you, so you can focus on your clients.

Your time and expertise are valuable. Your clients don’t come to you because you can create documents; they come to you because you can help them save money or reduce risk.

Appara’s powerful AI analysis and warnings tools help you reduce risk and improve the quality of your plans. Let Appara help you free up your time and energy, so you can focus on what you do best – serving your clients.

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Estate Planning

For lawyers, estate planners, paralegals, law clerks and notaries.


Rapidly produce Wills and associated documents.


Perform advanced Estate Planning work.

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