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Appara Corporate Maintenance
Ravi Patel

“Once you start to use Appara, you will be able to complete many complicated transactions quickly and effectively. Combining it with e-signatures means I get documents turned around quicker. Previously, I had to create documents, save it as a PDF then send it to a client who will either sign or mail it back and then I had to place this in the binder etc. Now, it is all done within minutes.”

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It’s time to lay down the law with your paperwork.

Database Management

Worry-free legal entity management.

Make your data work for you.

Say goodbye to duplicate files, misfiled documents, storage space struggles, and cross-checking by hand. Find data faster and maintain more accurate records with Appara’s structured cloud-based secure legal entity management solution. Manage minute books & share records from a single app.

Minute Books

Virtual minute books
make management easy.

Automatically-updated minute books you can share externally.

Forget the manila folders. No more sorting through filing cabinets or stuffing binders to the brim with paper. Appara organizes your minute books for you – and even keeps them up-to-date with automated entries as you complete matters.

Workflow automation
for complex transactions.

Plan and execute transactions in less time.

Save your mental energy for work that matters. Whether it’s purchases and sales, Section 85’s, or other multi-step, multi-entity transactions, our automated workflows tackle the tedious work for you (e.g., email, esign, efile, infile collaboration), so you can do the high-value legal work you love.

Document Automation

Reclaim your time with
document automation.

Draft corporate documents in minutes, not hours.

No more headaches. No more triple-checking for mistakes. Appara’s advanced legal AI drafts all your documents (e.g., index, engagement letters, precedents, etc…) for you. Plus, effortlessly enhance your document drafting with our integrated generative AI Clause Picker. Experience intelligent suggestions for relevant and accurate clauses, saving time and ensuring legally sound documents—all at your fingertips!

Choose Your Bundle

Corporate Legal

For lawyers, paralegals, and legal professionals.


File more incorporations in less time.


Annual & ongoing maintenance has never been easier.


The only product on the market for complex transactions.

Appara Pro

Your all-in-one corporate legal solution.

Simplify complex corporate and estate planning transactions with Appara Pro, our multi-step, multi-entity transaction solution.

Streamline processes, generate documents, and gain valuable insights with dynamic visual charts.

Appara Pro is the only product on the market that supports seamless transactions across different practice areas.


Appara Pro

What could your practice look like with Appara?


Run a paperless practice!

Ditch the binders and stacks of paper. Appara is entirely cloud-based, with no VPN required.
Manage Records

Faster legal entity

Appara’s structured database makes it easy to eliminate duplicate records, quickly find and correct errors, and locate specific records faster.
Share Records

Share corporate records with stakeholders!

No more expensive snail mail. With Appara, you can easily share virtual minute books with external partners like clients or accountants.
Complete Transactions

Complete entire transactions
in one platform!

Appara serves as your word processor, e-signature solution, tracking and compliance tool, automated workflow manager, printer & scanner, and more.

Appara also...

  • Makes it easier to track and update significant individuals to comply with Transparency Register requirements.
  • Keeps records in one integrated database across multiple offices
  • Makes it easier to find and eliminate duplicate entities
  • Automatically generates and updates an index document as you move through multi-step plans.
  • Creates a full set of customizable documents (engagement letters, reporting letters, etc.) in just a few clicks.
  • Leverages in-line editing and blacklining to save time – see document changes in real-time and track changes from one version to the next.
  • Lets you keep your precedents with our customizable fields and forms.

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