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How is price structured?

Our transparent pricing model is based on usage, with flexible monthly billing. Exact pricing models (either per entity or per transaction) vary depending on the specific Solution and/or Tool.

What are the terms of the agreement?

Our standard agreement offers a one-year initial term that auto-renews monthly. Our goal is to continuously earn your trust and business without long-term lock-ins.

How are onboarding and customization costs determined?

Costs are based on the scope of onboarding or customization required. We’ll work closely with you to provide a detailed and fair quote.


What is the Appara Platform?

The Appara Platform is an interconnected multi-practice platform for all your corporate, real estate, estate planning, and estate administration needs. You can pick just one single Solution or multiple ones.

How often is the Platform updated?

We implement updates, of varying degrees, weekly; however, we keep you informed about major updates through release notes to ensure a seamless experience. For significant changes, we also provide Webinars to explain the changes.

How and where is data stored and protected?

Your Client Data is securely stored in Canada, with robust ISO security measures in place to protect your information, adhering to the highest standards.


What's included in training sessions?

We offer in-person and virtual training sessions depending on your firm’s needs. Our training combines live demonstrations with the opportunity for you to practice, ensuring you feel confident using our Platform.

How do you schedule a training session?

Easily book a session directly with your Customer Success Manager or through our in-app booking tool.

How many training sessions are included with onboarding?

The number of training sessions varies based on your firm’s size and the needs of your team, with flexibility to adjust as necessary.

Can we record training sessions for later viewing?

Absolutely. Let us know beforehand, and we’ll provide you with the recorded session for your convenience.

Data Migration

How does the migration process work?

Our data migration process involves multiple migrations, previews, and reviews to ensure your data is migrated accurately. If required, we can also migrate your PDF files (e.g., Virtual Minute Books).

What's the timeline for migration?

The exact timeline depends on the size of your database. Each iteration (data preview and review) takes about 2-4 weeks. During the process we provide training to your team so you can efficiently validate the data.

What do we need from you during migration?

We make it easy – just supply your data and files in the specified format. Your role will be to help us ensure the data’s accuracy by highlighting any discrepancies.

How do we ensure migrated data is correct?

We conduct thorough tests, incorporating your feedback until you’re completely satisfied with the data’s accuracy.

What happens if there are errors after migration?

Should any issues arise, we’re committed to resolving them swiftly, minimizing any impact on your operations. The iterative data preview/review process minimizes these errors.

What post-migration support can you expect?

Our dedicated Customer Success team is always ready to assist you through our app and extensive Help Centre.


What customization options are available?

From documents to workflows, you have the freedom to tailor Appara to your needs.

How quickly are customizations implemented?

We aim to complete most customizations within 1-2 weeks of aligning on your requirements.

How do you request customizations?

Just reach out to the Customer Success team with your needs and we’ll guide you through the process, providing an estimate and making the changes upon your approval.

Can you edit precedents directly?

Every firm administrator can access the template editing tool to customize precedents. This tool enables on-the-fly adjustments to your precedents.

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