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Transaction solutions

Save time for your transactions team by using our customizable document drafter
Complex Reorganizations
Slide Deck
List of Steps
Reporting Letter
Shareholder Agreements

Use our visual drafter to generate an implementation for a series of corporate record reorganization steps. Involve any number of entities, over any period of time.

Create a visual representation of your simple or complex reorganization. Share it internally for review or externally with a client for discussion.

Compile the full list of documents and responsibilities for your reorganization in one simple document therefore saving time.

Generate a summary of your reorganization in a simple and customizable letter. Include diagrams and a compliance summary allowing visibility for all parties. 

Automatically generate common elections tangential to your transaction such as; section 85 or capital dividend elections using our intelligent analyzer.

Make wills, powers of attorney, and representation agreements for your clients, including option for mirror wills

Develop shareholder agreements based on the current share structures of your company with customizable clauses.

Corporate record solutions

Increase the efficiency of your records team using automated emails, e-signatures, and e-filing
Annual Record Maintenance
Transparency Register
Electronic Minute Books
Data Health Reports

Design your custom maintenance workflow around recurring tasks; such as, emailing, e-signing, and e-filing to expedite the process

Generate and maintain transparency registers and set up recurring tasks. Ensure efficient and ongoing accuracy of the registers

Quickly generate packages for administrative work, such as; changing governance and paying dividends to save time

Generate all the required corporate record documents using your custom share structures or dynamic ones created on the fly

Easily manage electronic minute books within the platform and quickly share with clients through integrated email solutions

Use our reports to identify missing or inconsistent information in firm records. Therefore ensuring a high quality of data integrity