4 Types of Appara Integrations Your Firm Will Love

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Here are some of the ways you can supercharge your Appara account and your productivity.

Appara is already trusted by over 200 legal and professional services firms across Canada; these firms use Appara for everything from legal entity management and document automation to workflow automation. But did you know that Appara can integrate with all kinds of other software to boost your productivity even further? Whether it’s accounting software, your go-to email program, or a registry system, Appara’s integrations make it easy to manage your entire workflow from start to finish. Here are just some of the tools Appara plays nice with that you can leverage to boost your productivity.

Email Integrations: Send Packages in Just a Few Clicks

In years gone by, sending out packages to clients was something that happened via snail mail. Now, though, you can easily send document packages via email with Appara’s email integrations.

Appara integrates with Microsoft 365, enabling you to instantly attach documents to outgoing emails in a secure, industry-leading environment. Rather than having to download documents and manually attach them to an email, you can simply send out documents for review in just a few clicks – all from within one application and without having to switch screens. Appara can even create predefined emails with the address information pre-populated, so users can have an email pre-written that’s ready to send.

Amanda Salama of BLSS, an Appara client, says “the ability to complete entire transactions from within a single application alleviates the stress of potentially making a mistake”; she loves being able to complete transactions in a single application.

E-Sign Software: Collect Signatures Instantly

One of the biggest headaches professional service providers face is the “print, sign, scan” dance that comes with managing paper documents. Whether it’s an incorporation, a will, a tax return, or a real estate purchase or sale agreement, managing transactions between multiple parties means collecting legally binding signatures from people who often aren’t in the same place at the same time.

In the past, this typically meant coordinating multiple schedules to set up a time for all parties to come to your office to sign, or even creating and faxing counterparts of documents for individual signature. This sort of pen-and-paper approach creates extra administrative work for your team, taking up your paralegals’ precious time and slowing down the process of closing matters.

That’s where e-signing software comes into play. With Appara’s e-sign integrations, you can send out digital documents to clients and other parties for immediate (and legally binding) electronic signature.

Appara integrates with Adobe Sign and DocuSign, making it easy to not only digitally sign documents, but also track documents out for signature and send instant reminders to parties who haven’t signed. With Adobe Sign and DocuSign, recipients can sign their documents instantly from anywhere in the world from their laptop, desktop, or smartphone.

And with Appara’s e-sign integrations, your documents in Appara are automatically updated with signature status. Unlike other solutions, Appara automatically assigns signature blocks and uses the email address from your database to expedite the signing process. You can even review your documents for missed signatures and instantly re-send them if a party missed a signature line. Appara’s e-sign integrations make it easy to manage signatures and documents from within one portal.

Registry Integrations: File Documents in Seconds

Registry filings can be complex and time-consuming. Whether you’re incorporating a new company, updating corporate records, or looking up information, you’re juggling multiple instructions and sets of data from multiple sources.

That’s where Appara’s registry integrations can help. Appara integrates with eCore, BC Registry Services, the Land Title and Survey Authority, and the Government of Canada’s NUANS system, enabling you to complete and submit government filings within minutes using the information already contained in your Appara account.

Accounting Integrations: Manage Your Books with Ease

If there’s a disconnect between your client work apps and your billing apps, you could be losing out on potential revenue by forgetting to bill for work completed – or, you could be experiencing a productivity loss as your clerks have to switch between multiple apps when it comes time to send bills.

With Appara’s Soluno integration, you can say goodbye to under-billing and productivity loss. Our Soluno integration enables you to bill clients for work completed directly from within the Appara app, meaning no more switching applications at the end of the work process. You can simply send and file documents, issue invoices, and get straight back to work.

Appara is always adding new integrations, making it easier for you to accomplish more work in less time. For more information or to start your free trial of Appara, contact sales@appara.ai today.

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