Appara Real Estate Purchase, Sale, and Refinance Launches in British Columbia

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Appara, Canada’s leading document automation and entity management platform, has launched a comprehensive new product for real estate conveyancers, notaries, and lawyers in British Columbia.

Appara Real Estate has launched its purchase, sale, and refinance solution in British Columbia, optimizing how B.C. real estate legal professionals accomplish their work.

While there are many software options available, Appara is the only product built with the understanding that your practice does not exist in isolation. Your clients expect you to be an efficient resource, regardless of what type of work they need assistance with. You require easy-to-use tools and readily available information to optimize your business and your workflow. We have designed Appara Real Estate with this optimization in mind, to ensure that your client demands are met as efficiently as possible. Specifically, Appara differentiates itself across the following:

  • One platform for all your matters: complete all your real estate, estate planning, and corporate work in one system;
  • Advanced document automation: use our industry leading cloud-based, logic-driven document automation tools like our clause picker and in-app document editing to save time; 
  • Maximize client value with impactful features: save time with our client intake questionnaires, checklists, referral tracking, and closing document/signature package systems; and
  • Boost efficiency by utilizing integrations: minimize work done outside Appara by using integrations with Soluno, Quickbooks, LTSA, title insurance companies, and various other valuable providers.

One Platform for All Your Matters

Designed with legal professionals in mind, Appara Real Estate can complete purchase, sale, and refinance matters all within the same platform that you do your corporate and estate planning matters in. With this platform approach, Appara Real Estate brings the benefits of firm-wide entity management to real estate transactions.

Appara Real Estate maintains all of your mission-critical client records in the cloud, enabling easy sharing of information within your firm and eliminating repeated data entry for information that your firm already has. Plus, all of your documents and transaction details are automatically saved to your client records once the matter closes, allowing you easy access to your closed deal documents going forward.

This enables users to cross-sell legal services such as the creation of a will, providing additional value to clients while maintaining reasonable prices. Plus, Appara’s strong corporate product means conveyances involving a corporation are fast and easy. You can create corporate documents automatically (pulling in signatories and director information immediately) and obtain corporate summaries with the click of a button, saving valuable time.

Advanced Document Automation

With Appara Real Estate, your closing documents automatically draft and update, ensuring that no documents are ever missed. You can also edit all of your documents from directly within the Appara platform in your browser – no more having to manage multiple platforms or do the “download, edit, save offline” dance.

Perhaps most importantly, Appara Real Estate enables full precedent and clause customization directly in the cloud. Upload and edit your precedents and clauses directly from within your browser, and store clauses you frequently use in an intuitive clause library for future use. Specifically for undertakings, it offers an easily-accessible library of undertakings to ensure your documents and letters reflect exactly what you need, and users can create their own libraries of undertakings to supplement the ones already available. 

Plus, Appara Real Estate makes signatures a breeze. Users can easily download and create closing documents or even signature packages from directly within the software. With Appara, you can download your documents as a PDF, a merged PDF, or a Word document, and you can even group documents by type, by transaction stage, or by signatory, or just pick and choose as you go. When you upload your signature package to the platform, Appara also automatically matches signed documents to the drafts on the system, so you can easily ensure that all of your documents are signed and ready for closing. 

Maximize Client Value with Impactful Features

We realize that real estate is a high-volume practice, and you require tools and information to optimize your business and your workflow. That’s why we’ve implemented a Referral Tracker that can give you insights into where your work is coming from. You can track referrals from mortgage brokers, realtors, and other lawyers, and then run reports to show your top referrers.

But that’s not all. Appara Real Estate comes equipped with calendars, intake questionnaires, and checklists that you can use to see what’s on your horizon, simplify client intake, and plan out transactions. Our smart questionnaires pre-populate with information already in the matter, so your client only needs to confirm items rather than completing everything each time. Plus, Appara can run a comparison between what information you’ve already uploaded to the matter and what information the client returned to you, enabling you to address discrepancies immediately before importing the information directly into the matter.

Boost Efficiency by Utilizing Integrations

Looking for integrations? We have them in spades. Appara Real Estate integrates with QuickBooks and Soluno, making it easy to track every penny and keep trust accounts up-to-date. These integrations eliminate the risks of errors by automating expense tracking. Plus, with the QuickBooks integration, you can keep your firm’s general account up-to-date. Appara Real Estate also integrates with the LTSA and leading title insurance companies, enabling users to order any title by PID or by title number, submit web-filing forms, or order title insurance from directly within the software. 

Appara Real Estate also…

  • Maintains the mortgage documents for most of the major banks and credit unions in BC;
  • Features an easy-to-use Statements of Adjustments for buyers and sellers that is editable directly from a table-based user interface, making it simple to insert and re-order new items as needed;
  • Performs GST and Property Transfer Tax calculations for you, and even calculates amounts for exemptions like the First Time Home Buyer exemption and the New Home exemption;
  • Offers databases of lawyers, notaries, lenders, real estate brokerages; and
  • Works directly with Office 365 to ensure that emails and documents sent are compatible with your system. 

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Are you ready to supercharge your real estate practice? Discover how much time you can save with our powerful document automation and transaction management solutions. 

P.S. interested in learning more? We’re hosting a webinar about this Real Estate product on September 26, 2023. Register here or contact for more information.

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