Could Rapid Modernization for Law Firms be the Key to Long-term Success?


Law firms that are left behind post-COVID will be left behind for good.

Vancouver, BC, Canada – November 18, 2021 – The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need to be able to work and service clients anywhere in many sectors. This fundamental shift is making it more competitive for delivering legal services to clients. Gone are the days when client data and records could be tracked and managed exclusively in file folders. Client work has become more complex and is being completed by a remote workforce. Now, more than ever, there is an urgency for law firms to automate, digitize and modernize for long-term success – or be left behind.

Dan Palmer is a Vancouver corporate tax lawyer and co-founder of Appara™, a software that effectively addresses these modernization issues. He saw an opportunity for attorneys to deliver a better client experience and wanted to empower them to embrace modernization by bringing together all the necessary automation tools for a legal practice under a single platform – driving efficiency and accuracy.

“Appara allows you to focus on the big picture and build deeper relationships with clients, instead of worrying about the details in day-to-day activities,” states Dan Palmer. “Our technology is essential for a law firm’s long-term success.”

Spotting gaps in a law firm is easy, according to one of Appara’s other co-founders and CTO, Brad Kram. He has observed many times that not all staff are using the same methodology within a firm. The result is a lost opportunity by not standardizing what is being delivered to clients to obtain the best outcomes.   

When venturing to rapidly modernize a law firm, they offer these three insights to attorneys to ensure their success:
1. Focus on accuracy 
2. Document advice and enforce best practices
3. Adopt one centralized solution for your firm.

“We created Appara in order to handle true end-to-end transactions,” says Brad Kram. “We ensure your firm is less error prone.” By integrating Appara into your law firm, attorneys have everything they need for modernizing key areas of a practice, from customizable documents and workflows, a collaborative cloud-based work environment, and document drafting auto­mation, to end-to-end transactions and email and e-signing integration. Every key area is accessible through one secure platform to create and collaborate with your team not only in Vancouver – but anywhere in the world.

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About Appara
Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Paige Solutions, Ltd., the developer of Appara, delivers a cloud-based transaction management solution which enables end-to-end records management and document automation while empowering a law firm’s dispersed workforce to meet the needs of their clients in the digital era. Appara’s ISO-certified software automates processes and aligns workflows to improve accuracy and overall productivity. Discover how Appara modernizes law firms at and take a demo. Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news. Backgrounders available. Interviews by request.

Why was Appara created?
Delivering a better client experience and enabling law firms to take the lead and set higher standards were the goals for creating Appara’s legal productivity software. The technology empowers attorneys to embrace modernization by bringing together all the necessary automation tools for a legal practice under a single platform – driving efficiency and accuracy.

Why do law practices need to embrace modernization and digitization?
Modernization of a practice delivers unique experiences to a growing base of clients if done well. It ensures all work is completed with the highest levels of accuracy and makes firms less error prone. However, most legal software that automates the process for creat­ing legal documentation and workflows typically addresses only one piece of a bigger productivity puzzle.

What makes Appara’s software different from current automation tools for legal firms?  Everything seamlessly integrates to drive efficiency and ac­curacy with every corporate engagement. Appara delivers the highest levels of quality for today’s innovative and growing legal firms in Canada. It ensures that these firms will thrive throughout the coronavirus pandemic and beyond using its secure, ISO-certified cloud-based technology. Currently, Appara has signed over 100 law firms across Canada.

How does Appara increase accuracy in a law firm?
With Appara, you simply cannot create the document for signature without following the process required. By doing this, Appara supports an organization from lawyers, accountants, paralegals, legal assistants and other key stakeholders by providing a single platform to complete client work and ensure best practices are always used. Firms can easily draft documents from simple share certificates and corporate resolutions to complicated purchase and sale agreements.

Why document advice and enforce best practices?
Passing knowledge throughout a law firm has become more challenging as client work has become more complex. To meet this increasing complexity, Appara’s centralized platform helps law firms manage a single source of truth to get the most of their data in the cloud.

“Ultimately, we saw an opportunity back in 2016 to significantly increase productivity in law firms through seamless sharing of client matters across a firm’s entire workforce,” says Dan Palmer. “By using Appara, we have made it effortless to enforce best practices.”

Why is a centralized solution the best choice for a law firm?
By using a single platform that supports automation within a firm, you only have to learn how to use the interface once. With document automation and record management capabilities built into the core product of­ferings, the Appara platform integrates functionality across workflows so law firms don’t have to continually face learning new processes and technology.

“Our clients seek ways to mitigate the fatigue of adopting new systems that only deal with one aspect of a complex system,” states Brad Kram. “That is why we bring every component of a legal practice into one workspace. In this case, you can use a single platform that supports automation within a firm using an interface that you only have to learn once.”

Where is Appara being developed?
Since 2016, Appara has been part of the vibrant Vancouver tech community. Paige Solutions, Ltd., the developer of Appara, is located at 1188 W Georgia St #1400, Vancouver, BC V6E 4A2.

Who are Appara’s Founders?

  • Daniel Palmer, founder & corporate tax attorney
  • Brad Kram, co-founder and CTO
  • Doug Mordy, co-founder and CFO, CPA and tax attorney

Together, their ability to really “see” a problem and know how to solve it through technology automation is what makes them most qualified to create the first ever plat­form for law firms that is fast becoming the ultimate productivity solution.

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