Introducing: Appara Real Estate. Customizable, AI-Drafted Documents for Legal & Real Estate Pros

Closing real estate transactions just got easier. Discover how much time your law firm or notary practice can save with customizable AI-drafted documents. Register today to be one of the first to experience the power of Appara Real Estate.

Introducing: Appara Real Estate. Draft and execute real estate documents in a fraction of the time.

Appara, Canada’s leading professional records management, workflow & document automation solution, is launching  a new offering for real estate legal professionals.

Appara Real Estate uses Appara’s artificial intelligence technology to help legal professionals draft and manage real estate documents in less time.

With Appara Real Estate, users can instantly auto-draft real estate documents. Appara Real Estate supports digital signatures where permitted by law, so you and your clients can sign letters, agreements, and other documents from anywhere in the world.

You can use Appara to auto-draft and manage a variety of real estate documents including:

  • Engagement letters
  • Closing documents
  • Land Title Office filings
  • Reporting letters
  • And more…

Appara Real Estate enables error-free document creation; the app’s artificial intelligence automatically issues warnings if it detects any missing fields, so users can ensure no detail is overlooked. Any changes made to one document in a package will be universally applied across all related documents to ensure consistency.

What really separates Appara, is in the ability to customize all of these documents with your own precedents and edit them directly within Appara, so you’re prepared for whatever a real estate transaction throws at you. Plus, Appara Real Estate integrates with the FREE Appara Records app.

Users who already have the free Appara Records product can instantly associate documents with an existing client record for fully automated records management.

Book a demo today to be one of the first to experience the power of Appara Real Estate.

Are you ready to supercharge your real estate practice? Discover how much time you can save with AI-powered documents and transaction management.

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