Introducing: Appara Wills. Customizable, AI-Drafted Wills for B.C. Law Firms

Drafting will & estate documents just got easier. Start your FREE trial today & discover how much time your B.C. law firm or estate management practice can save with fully-customizable, AI-created wills documents.

B.C. law firms and estate planners, rejoice: You now have access to a new suite of artificial intelligence-driven tools to help you draft and manage wills & related documents in less time.

In December 2021, British Columbia became the first Canadian province to give electronic wills the same legal force as pen-and-paper wills. Prior to this development, creating and executing will and estate documents was messy, slow, and challenging; wills needed to be executed in multiple counterparts, with witnesses and testators appearing in-person at the same time to sign the documents. That meant coordinating client, witness, and company calendars. It meant travel time for clients. It meant preparing and proofing multiple copies of the documents in question, as well as keeping close track of the original paper will; if the original will couldn’t be found, courts took the default position that the testator invalidated the will by intentionally destroying it.

With e-wills, the challenges involved in coordinating multiple copies and managing multiple party signatures are simple and easy to resolve. Testators and witnesses can easily join a videoconferencing call from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for travel and facilitating easier scheduling of will signing procedures. 

E-wills also head off the risk of a legal challenge to the will by using a “Single Source of Truth” methodology – with e-wills, the will exists as a single, secure electronic document, which renders copies irrelevant. Without copies of the will, the original is the only document in existence, which can ward off legal challenges by parties seeking to enforce a modified copy. (Under the British Columbia legislation, the only way to modify an e-will is to delete it and create a new electronic will.)

Introducing: Appara Wills. Draft and execute fully customizable wills in a fraction of the time.

Appara, Canada’s leading legal records management & document automation solution for corporate lawyers, has launched a new offering for estate planning professionals.

Appara Wills uses Appara’s artificial intelligence technology to help estate planners draft and manage estate documents in less time.

With Appara Wills, users can instantly auto-draft wills and related documents with their own precedent clauses. Users can also draft and  digitally sign documents. 

You can use Appara to auto-draft and manage a variety of estate documents such as:

  • mirror wills 
  • representation agreements
  • power of attorney agreements

You can customize all of these documents with your own precedents, so you’re prepared for any estate planning scenario.

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