Legal Document Automation Company Appara Launches New Suite of Products


Lawyer-founded tech startup uses artificial intelligence to automate corporate work.

Vancouver, BC, Canada – February 16, 2022 – Appara, Canada’s leading Legal records management and document automation solution, announced today that the company is expanding its family of products to further meet the needs of corporate legal professionals across Canada. Appara is now the only product in the legal document automation industry that offers a full suite of products, rather than one standalone product.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to rapid and robust digital transformation in the legal industry. Remote working arrangements, pandemic-induced labour shortages, and a significant uptick in demand for legal services have left law firms stretched thin and struggling to find workarounds for wholly inadequate tools. 

With these professionals increasingly finding that legacy software is underpowered and ill-equipped for the needs of this new digital reality, the long-overdue drive for the digital transformation of professional services is finally underway. Appara’s records management and document automation platform is one example among many of how smart technology is changing the way lawyers conduct business.

At the end of January 2022, Appara expanded its AI-powered Corporate product suite to include 4 products. Unlike other products in the space, Appara now offers a spectrum of products. Appara’s Records, Incorporate, and Maintenance products serve as dedicated, single-purpose apps for cost-conscious corporate law firms with highly specific needs. Meanwhile, the more robust Appara Pro is a comprehensive solution for complex multi-step, multi-entity transactions that enables larger law firms to streamline and automate their records and transactions. These options enable law firms to solve their most pressing needs regardless of budget, while also providing access to more powerful and higher-ROI features as firms grow.  

“Our customers told us that while they were impressed with the amount of time they saved by switching to our product, they didn’t particularly enjoy using a one-size-fits-all solution,” says Doug Mordy, co-founder. “They wanted more options that were better customized to their needs. That’s why we’re launching this Corporate product suite – because it’s not just lawyers who can benefit from AI and automation.”

Appara’s unique proprietary technology incorporates an artificial intelligence engine with smart document tracking, remote collaboration features, electronic signing capabilities, and e-filing integrations with major government registries. The software also integrates with many of the apps that lawyers already love, like Adobe Sign, DocuSign, QuickBooks, and Microsoft 365.

“We built Appara to be the tool that we wished we’d had when we were practising lawyers,” says Dan Palmer, co-founder. “As a tax lawyer, I often found myself duplicating work because the technology we were using was outdated and rigid. None of our apps talked to each other, which meant I was spending too much time struggling with document conversion when I wanted to focus on tax matters.”

Palmer and Mordy believed that instead of spending their days fighting with technology, they could create a solution that would save time, reduce errors, increase productivity, and – most importantly – end the frustration and powerlessness that comes with obsolete tools. So they partnered with computer scientist Brad Kram to build the solution they wished they’d had in their own law practices. Law firms across Canada have since used Appara to increase productivity, save time, and prevent staffing shortages.

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About Appara

Appara: One platform for everything a law firm does.

As practicing lawyers, our founders saw firsthand how a lack of advanced technology was hindering our growth. We were frustrated with the state of legal technology, and we were tired of repeating work in multiple places.

What our firms needed was a records management tool with a built-in AI that could auto-generate documents and help us streamline our records management processes. But the solution we wanted didn’t exist. So we built it, and we called it Appara.

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