The 5-Step Process for Legal Software Procurement

2 min read

Legal software procurement isn’t easy.

This is an excerpt of a previous blog post: “How to Procure Legal Software for Your Corporate Law Firm”. 

Legal software procurement isn’t easy. But breaking it down step-by-step can empower your law firm to move away from paper or antiquated software to the modern age of corporate law firm management.

Here are the steps:

  1. Overcome the Fear of Change
  2. Take Stock of Your Needs
  3. Research Possible Service Providers
  4. Create Your Shortlist: How to Narrow the Field
  5. Choose a Winner

Get the “The Busy Legal Professional’s No-Hassle, No-Fear Guide to Legal Software Procurement”: download now. This guide goes into more detail about how to apply the steps to help achieve your firm’s legal software needs.

Get the guide today to unlock access to two exclusive spreadsheets to conduct a needs assessment and rank your legal software solution favorites. Links are included in the guide.

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