The Lighter Side: Legal Memes We Can’t Stop Thinking About, Part 2

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In our previous blog post, we explored some legal memes that we enjoy. Today, we’re continuing that trend with even more laugh-worthy legal memes. Enjoy!

When Work Doesn’t Go As Well as You’d Like…

(Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.)

Timesheet Troubles? You’re Not Alone

Come on, folks. It’s 2024. Use a time tracker.

ChatGPT Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be…

Yes, this has actually happened. More than once. Artificial intelligence is amazing, but it can’t always tell the difference between fact and fiction. Always double-check ChatGPT’s output to make sure it’s factual and coherent.

…and it Doesn’t Always Help

(It’s a good thing books still exist!)

Lawyering is Difficult

We all have those days when we wish we could go outside and play. Working in the legal industry is rewarding, but it’s also incredibly demanding and stressful. That’s why having hobbies is essential to your health and well-being. Make the most of your evenings and weekends; the more you can unwind in your off-hours, the more refreshed you’ll be at the office… and the less you’ll want to go outside and play.

Partners Can Be Intimidating

“Hold on; I’m not dumb, I’m just panicking.”

The Stress Can Age You

You may not look as good as Dolly Parton, but take heart; law is still a noble profession and you’re still making a difference in the world.

The Feedback Can Crush You


(You’ll get there. And you’ll be stronger for it.)

The world of law is a rich source of comedy and meme material. From lawyer dogs, to law school memories, to hearsay evidence and more, these memes are great entertainment for practising lawyers of all stripes.

What’s your favourite legal meme? Let us know on LinkedIn!

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