#UnlockYourPotential: An Inside Look at This Campaign

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Here’s how we created this campaign – and a few of our favourite highlights.

If you’ve been following us on LinkedIn, you’ve no doubt come across Appara’s “Unlock Your Potential” campaign, where we’ve been profiling some of the major public figures who inspire us to greatness and who push the boundaries of the status quo. But did you know that this campaign was created with artificial intelligence (AI)?

That’s right – we used a combination of human ingenuity and AI to build out the entire series of posts you’ve been enjoying, as a way to demonstrate the power of artificial intelligence and how it can enable humans to perform at their peak.

Follow along with us as we take a retrospective look at the #UnlockYourPotential campaign, from how we created it to our favourite highlights. 

How We Made This Campaign

This campaign isn’t just a set of stories about people who inspire us. It’s also a prime example of how one can leverage technology to enhance human creativity.

To develop the text of the campaign posts, we leveraged ChatGPT-4’s text generation artificial intelligence using a series of prompts about the figures we chose to profile. Next, we used AI-powered image generators like DALL-E and BlueWillow to generate artistic renditions representing each person profiled in this campaign.

But we didn’t just let the AI run wild. We also leveraged our human team to edit and massage posts to ensure they presented the messages we wanted to convey. This human-AI combination campaign is just one example of how legal professionals can leverage technology to develop something new and creative.

Some of Our Favourite Highlights

This campaign rendered some interesting creative assets. 

First and foremost, we loved the output we got when we asked ChatGPT to write a Taylor Swift-style song about Appara. That ballad reminded us of why “we are never, ever getting back together” with paper-and-pen documents.

We also quite liked how ChatGPT framed The Karate Kid’s message of unlocking your potential through mundane-seeming tasks that ultimately help you grow.

Finally, we were quite impressed with the way ChatGPT described Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. We’ve written previously about Atticus Finch, but seeing his character summed up in a combination human/AI-written post was inspiring. 

This campaign served as a great demonstration of what’s possible when human creativity is combined with technological advances – and it’s inspired us at Appara to unlock our own potential.

Some of Your Favourites

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Are You Ready to Unlock YOUR Potential?

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