Appara’s Real Estate Conveyancing Solution Announces Partnership with Treefort Technologies

Legal and real estate professionals in British Columbia can now verify client identities from directly within the Appara Platform.

Appara, the all-in-one ecosystem for modern legal professionals, is proud to announce a new partnership with identity verification software provider Treefort Technologies. With this integration, Appara and Treefort Technologies make it possible for real estate conveyancers and legal professionals in British Columbia to verify client identities from directly within the Appara Platform.

Appara’s real estate conveyancing software, Appara Real Estate, now integrates with Treefort Technologies’ Identity Verification app to make identity verification fast, easy, and simple. With this integration, clients can complete the identity verification process within 5 minutes – without needing to download an app to go through the verification process.

The Appara Platform enables legal professionals to complete real estate purchase, sale, and refinance matters all within the same platform they use for corporate and estate planning matters. With this Platform approach, Appara Real Estate brings the benefits of firm-wide entity management to real estate transactions.

Treefort’s technology goes beyond ID verification, using multi-factor authentication and checking other sources to verify identity. For instance, Treefort’s software confirms the individual has a credit file with a credit bureau. While no technology is foolproof, Treefort’s identity verification app has the most integrations for multi-factor authentication from trusted sources. Checking over 1,750 data points, Treefort is the most robust identity verification product in Canada.

Treefort also offers easy-to-read risk analysis reports for each client, and is the only ID verification company that offers access to anti-money-laundering fraud risk reports. Treefort’s software makes it easy for conveyancers and lawyers to comply with Law Society client ID rules in every province in Canada; the app even offers enhanced banking verification for further fraud mitigation.

“We are thrilled about our TreeFort partnership, which enhances security for legal professionals against fraudulent real estate transactions,” says Adrian Fisher-Fleming, Head of Product, Real Estate at Appara. “Our integration equips customers with the tools necessary for navigating real estate complexities with unwavering trust and integrity.”

“At Treefort, we pride ourselves on developing great partnerships,” says Jay Krushell, Co-founder and Chief Legal Officer of Treefort Technologies. “We’re excited to be partnering with Appara, providing users of their Real Estate solution access to our KYC On-Demand Treefort Identity Verification.”

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About Appara
Appara: The all-in-one ecosystem for modern legal professionals.

As practicing lawyers, our founders were frustrated with the outdated, inflexible, and siloed technology available, and they were tired of repeating work in multiple places.

What our founders needed was a platform with built-in AI that could auto-generate documents and help us streamline our processes. But the solution we wanted didn’t exist. So we built it, and we called it Appara.

Appara is a document automation, workflow automation, and entity management Platform for legal professionals. Appara’s suite of Solutions enables legal professionals in the corporate, estate planning, and real estate sectors to save time, reduce errors, cut costs, and increase productivity.

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About Treefort Technologies

Treefort Technologies is a Canadian tech company that built the first IDV product and incorporated Treefort Technologies in 2020. In 2021 Stewart Title Canada purchased a 51% interest in Treefort Technologies helping the company to rapidly grow. Today, Treefort has expanded across Canada and has an amazing team of dedicated employees all focused on building tools that make sensitive online transactions simple and secure for everyone.

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